Corporate Wellness

STRESS is the number one health challenge for employees and employers. Imagine if you could get the experience of deep meditation without having to go through years of study to relieve that stress. Because we’ve already done that for you! In fact, your organization can enjoy the benefits of reduced stress in the time it takes to consume a couple of hamburgers and a chocolate shake.

“Teri performed a sound healing exercise at a business planning meeting I attended. While listening I realized how tight I was holding all the muscles in my face, as I continued to focus I was able to slowly relax the muscles. My headache just slid away along with all the tightness. Within minutes I felt amazing, my mind was clear and I was able to focus on my business planning.” – Jonni Baily, Ruff Haus Design, Inc.

Gong To Lunch

Group Session (up to 20 participants for 30-45 minutes) A musical meditation to revitalize, refresh, and release the stresses of your workday! Do you and your employees return from lunch feeling bloated, tired, and dreading your desk? Attendees of Wilder Vibes sound healing gong sessions feel refreshed and refocused. In fact, 65% of those who “got gonged” reported being more productive after their session than at any other point in the day. “30 minutes of music therapy produces the same effect as 10 milligrams of Valium on critical-care heart patients,” reports Raymod Bahr, M.D., the director of coronary care at St. Agnes Hospital in Baltimore. Research tells us that sound healing – which synchronizes brain waves to achieve profound states of relaxation – helps restore the normal vibratory frequencies of the cells within our bodies, bringing balance & healing.

Reduce Stress levels
Increase Productivity
Improve Creativity

Let Wilder Vibes provide a customized program for your organization
so you can consistently reap all of the benefits of gong sound healing.

“I loved the gong session I had with Teri. I walked in a frazzled mess, and walked out calm and serene. Better yet, the results lasted quite awhile!” – Karen Dietz, Just Story It

Executive Sessions

3 one-hour private, personalized decompression sessions with Certified Sound Healer and Gong Master, Teri Wilder. In the 24/7 go, go, go world we now live in, it has become increasingly difficult to find balance and harmony in our busy lives. To be wholly successful, we must manage our multi dimensional lives, or perhaps more importantly, our transitions. Too often busy professionals carry the stress and strain of their work life into their homes and sacred private lives. This robs people of their full attention and intention. Executive Sessions are designed to allow senior level employees the opportunity of individual or small group sessions that are uniquely  tailored to their needs.  Through the vibrational power of the gong, Wilder Vibes helps participants to transition their thoughts and intentions away from work and effortlessly toward their afterwork activities.

Session One: Introduction to Sound Healing: Incorporating science and the soul
Session Two: Immersion and alignment (Includes CD with 4 gong meditations and complimentary eyemask)
Session Three: Toxic Release; Intensive gong session (Includes recording of session for future portable stress relief)
From $1,000 (depending on distance)

“I recently had the pleasure of enjoying one of Teri Wilder’s gong sessions at the commencement of an all-day business annual strategic planning session. Beginning the day and the meeting with a gong session was such a treat! It helped silence the chatter of my ‘to do’ list going through my head, and I became more present, centered, and focused. This created an optimum state of mind for the thinking and creativity needed to tackle the rest of the day.” – V. Hamilton

Keynote / Speaker

556878_10151219927789355_84914502_nPractitioner and Certified Sound Healer, Teri Wilder is available to speak at your next team building or strategic planning meeting or conference. Weaving the latest scientific research on meditation and wellness with ancient teachings, Teri succinctly and persuasively demonstrates the therapeutic value of sound healing by explaining how sound waves safely guide your body into a state of deep meditation and harmony. She shows how gong vibrations help release negative emotions and fears that can cause illness, disease, and blockages in the body, as well as balance the body and brain, boost productivity and creativity, and create an overall feeling of well-being. From  $1,000 (depending on distance)

Experience It Yourself!

Bring Teri Wilder in for restorative experience, so that you & your employees
can start learning the tools that sound healing can bring to every day stress.

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