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Healthcare workers, patients, and caregivers are no strangers to the detrimental effect of stress. Imagine if they could reduce the invariable stress, have tools and guidance to refresh and revitalize and improve resilience so they can provide even better care, bringing their whole self, to others.

Caring For the Caregiver – Nurses, home health aides, social workers, spiritual and bereavement counselors, and others spend so much time caring for others, they tend to neglect themselves. Teri Wilder, Certified Sound Healer, gong master, and owner of Wilder Vibes, teaches the science and benefits of sound healing to those who need it most. Through the medium of sound healing, recipients experience a deep, unique, and powerful meditation in a short amount of time, transforming their overall health and stamina.

For the Patient – It is common to feel overwhelmed, confused and frightened after someone has been diagnosed with a serious illness. Wilder Vibes provides a moment of peace to allow clarity. With a few moments of sound healing, a person drowns out the outside stress and concern, and reconnects with their mind and spirit for tranquility and calm.

Presentations – Teri Wilder is available as a Keynote Speaker for health fairs, conferences, retreats and kick-off events. Weaving the latest scientific research on meditation and wellness with ancient teachings, Teri illustrates the therapeutic value of gong vibrations and how they help release negative emotions and fears that can cause resistance and blockages in the body, as well as balance the body and brain, and create an overall feeling of well-being.

Fees starting at $1,000

“First time for my studio, Bikram Yoga North Scottsdale, was the Yin and Gong meditation offered together. I have to say adding the Gong to the Yin class took the Yin to a wonderful new level (vibration) and than closing the Yin class with Teri doing her Gong Meditation was amazing. I think the Yin/Gong put a person in the right state of mind to fully take in the vibration and go to a deeper meditative state of the Gong meditation at the end. Teri and Nikki (the Yin instructor) worked wonderfully together. They worked together so the flow of the class and Gong was fluid. I have students asking when is Teri coming back.” – Sandy Omer, Owner/Teacher, Bikram Yoga North Scottsdale

“Teri’s Sacred Gong sessions can actually relieve physical pain. The first time I came to a session, I had a severe back injury. I knew that even standing up from a mat would be painful, and impossible without help. Yet at the end of that first session I got up on my own, easily and painlessly. Over the past year, each session I’ve attended (6) has left me flexible and pain free. And my back is healing beautifully. I’m grateful not only for the pleasure of hearing the gongs, but also for their simple, effective pain relief — with no negative side effects!” – S.N.

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