Teri Wilder – Healing Sanctuary, Wellness Through Sound & Touch

Harness the Vibrational Power of the Gong for your
Group Journey!

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Unleash the vibrational power of the Gong and witness the ripple effect as it brings your group harmony.

In the realm of community wellness, finding innovative approaches to foster cohesion and well-being is paramount. The vibrational power of the Gong is not limited to relaxation alone; it acts as a catalyst for growth, fostering creativity, productivity, and innovation. It awakens dormant energies, sparks inspiration, and invites your group to explore new realms of possibility together. Elevate your spirit, ignite everyone’s passion, and witness the transformative power of the Gong reverberate through you. Step into the realm of collective wellness and discover a harmonious balance that propels everyone towards greatness.

Group Session

STRESS is the number one health challenge for people living in our busy and often hectic world. Imagine if you could get the experience of deep meditation without having to go through years of study to relieve that stress. Because we’ve already done that for you! In fact, you and your group can enjoy the benefits of reduced stress in the time it takes to watch an episode of your favorite show.

  • Find balance and harmony in our busy lives
  • Transition your thoughts and intentions away from work and personal stressors effortlessly through vibrational power of the gong.

Wilder Vibes

Each energy healing session ends with personal intuitive insight. As an intuitive visionary, I receive intuitive information about a client while you are in a session with me. During the last ten minutes or so of an Energy Healing Session, I will tell my client, with permission, about any intuitive insights revealed while in session with them. These are messages about my specific client and are different from a Medical Intuitive reading. Clients report that they love the beneficial results of their energy healing sessions, but many tell me this ending of their session is very special and is what they look forward to the most!

Sound Healing only. Does not include Reiki or intuitive insights. It can be held at your home/location.

Up to 5 Persons


Additional Per Person