Teri Wilder – Healing Sanctuary, Wellness Through Sound & Touch

Experience the Transformative Journey of Learning
to Play the Gong

Step into a world of sonic exploration and embark on a transformative journey as you learn to play the Gong.

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Learn to play the Gong!

Do you love the vibrations of the gongs, and long to pick up a mallet and play? Are you mesmerized by the effects the gong has on you, and want to share it with others? Do you feel the release of stress as the result of a gong meditation, and want to have it available for yourself every day? This one-day introduction workshop is designed to bring the gongs and their high vibrations into your world of experience. It’s a unique instrument that everyone can play!

Join me in my Healing Sanctuary (San Diego) for training, exploring, and learning basics about the gongs, as well as related Sound Healing scoop. A very full day! Bring your lunch. 



What you’ll have the opportunity to learn:

  • History of gongs
  • Sound healing basics
  • Different types of gongs
  • Different types of mallets
  • Techniques for playing
  • Learn strokes for restoring & balancing the body & brain
  • Do’s & don’ts for playing the gong
  • How to care for your gong
  • The science behind how the gongs can work on your brain and your energy
  • Where to purchase gongs & accessories
  • Resources for information on further education & training
  • Give your very first gong meditation