Teri Wilder – Healing Sanctuary, Wellness Through Sound & Touch

“I’m in the positive energy business!"

Positive Energy + Good Vibes

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My Music

I Choose Joy

My sophomore CD was created by writing songs for spiritual centers where I was singing. Incredible support came from Fred Albers, the music director at Unity Church of Overland Park, and Rev. Patricia Bass, the senior minister at the time. And again, the recordings are full of Kansas City talent!

Mystical Gong Meditations

Be sure to listen with good speakers or headphones/earbuds. Harmonics & overtones will not be fully supported by a laptop.  

You are advised to listen in a quiet, safe place and to NEVER listen while driving or operating heavy machinery!

1. Empowerment
2. Balance & Bliss
3. Universal Forgiveness
4. Surrender